Each of us acts in the overall interest of Ringmetall. Fairness and appreciation characterize our daily interactions. As part of a team, each of us lives by strong values. Honesty. Reliability. Credibility. We take responsibility.

We have formulated specific rules for conduct in the professional environment and clearly set them out in the relevant Group guidelines and agreements. They are valid and binding without restriction for every employee of the Ringmetall Group. Anyone who does not behave in accordance with the Group’s policies and agreements must expect corresponding consequences within the framework of operational and legal regulations.

In the event that whistleblowers want to report a violation of existing rules and do not want to or cannot use any other way, we have set up a whistleblowing system in which violations can be reported anonymously. The system enables technical anonymization of reports and is available in several languages. It complements the existing systems and is intended to report infringements that are only carried out by choosing anonymous reporting. It thus complements all established systems in which a personal report is made on the basis of existing regulations or tasks.

The special protective effect in this system is offset by the responsibility to understand the system as a supplement to existing systems and to refrain from misuse.

Any employee as well as outsiders can also obtain information by e-mail if they have questions about the whistleblower reporting system for a better understanding.
The central e-mail address set up for this purpose is:

Whistleblower Reporting Office:

The Ringmetall Group has set up a central internal reporting office for whistleblowers. This enables timely, legally compliant and anonymous reporting.

The reporting office is responsible for all companies in the Ringmetall Group.

Only reports received via the reporting office are treated in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act.

The messages can be transmitted from a computer or other internet-enabled device (smartphone/tablet, etc.).

It is advisable to observe the rules on anonymity on the Internet if a tip is to be given anonymously.

The address of the reporting office is